Steaphan Paton is an interdisciplinary artist based in Melbourne. A member of the Gunai and Monaro nations, he grew up in Gippsland. Paton was highly commended for the Lin Onus Award at the 2007 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards for the drawing Dyillah (2007) and was a finalist in the 2007, 2011 and 2012 awards. Paton received a City of Melbourne Laneways Commission for his project ‘Urban Doolagahl’. His upcoming exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, called ‘Booruns Canoe’, is a collaboration telling of intergenerational knowledge through the art of canoe making. Steaphan’s work is informed by his interest in the environment, anthropology, archaeology and preserving Aboriginal knowledge, traditions and stories.

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Urban Doolagahl
Steaphan Paton, 2011
  1. Urban Doolagahl

    Steaphan Paton, 2011

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